Emergency Help for Aurora Residents

Aurora Interfaith Community Services

Our Supporting Churches:

​​Aurora Calvary Church

Aurora First Presbyterian Church

Aurora First United Methodist Church

Aurora Hills Baptist Church

Bahai Assembly of Aurora

Bethel Lutheran Church

Burns Memorial United Methodist Church

Central Christian Church

Christ the Savior Lutheran Church

Community of Christ - Aurora Congregation

Faith Presbyterian Church

Heather Gardens Chapel

Holy Love Lutheran Church

Hope Lutheran Church

Living Water Church

Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

Mountain View United Church

New Hope Community Church

Parkview Congregational Church

Peace with Christ Lutheran Church

Smoky Hill United Methodist Church

South Fulton Street Church of Christ

St Mark's Lutheran Church

​St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church

St. Paul Presbyterian Church

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

2013 Service Report:

As of December 31, 2013, AITF served:
People  Total Cost   Service Description
4,799     $215,630   Food and Toiletries
1,199     $218,909   Clothing, Household Goods, and Layettes
577          $67,197   Utility Assistance
115            $1,000   Bus Tickets
283               $835   Diapers
24                 $432  Prescription Assistance
5,401       $20,572  Books, Toys, Personal Goods, & School Supplies
12,398   $524,575 Total Services (In kind = $455,946, monitary assistance = $68,629)

We need volunteers to help do the inventory of clothing and food on Saturday, December 12.  The more the merrier and the inventory will go faster.  Call 303-360-9938 to let us know if you can come or if you have any questions.

    Coffee at 9:30 AM with tour of the facility.
    Work begins at 10:00 AM.

Children under 10 are not invited; children over 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Our address is 1553 Clinton St, Aurora, CO.

How to Donate:

For in-kind goods:

You can bring them to the AITF facility during our normal office hours:

  Monday, Tuesday, and Friday: 08:30AM - 1:30PM

  Wednesday: 8:30AM - 5:30PM

  Thursday: Closed

​Please bring them to the back door and ring the bell twice.

For monetary donations:
You can
    mail a check, made out to AITF or AICS, to
             1553 Clinton St, Aurora, CO 80013, or
    click the Donate link above to donate using a credit card.

Our History:

In 1968, there was a great need for a united effort to provide assistance to residents of Aurora who were hungry and in need. The women of Aurora Church Women United, at that time consisting of seven local churches, began collecting food and clothing from their congregations and friends, with churches providing rooms for storage. Receiving guidance from Interfaith Task Force in Littleton, the organization called itself Interfaith Task Force of Aurora. It provided food, clothing, furniture, transportation, and "adopt-a-grandparent" and "big friend/little friend" services to clients referred by churches, schools, and other agencies.​

As the needs in Aurora grew, more churches joined the effort and on February 24, 1975, the organization incorporated as Aurora Interchurch Task Force, Inc. Supported by 14 churches and in donated space, Aurora Interchurch began its service to the citizens of Aurora in earnest.

By the mid-1980's, Aurora Interchurch Task Force had outgrown the donated space. It began a two-year funding drive to purchase its own building. With the help of the City of Aurora Community Development Office, AITF purchased the facility at 1553 Clinton where it continues its work to service those in need.  In 2014 the board was reconstituted to consist of a more diverse and community oriented representation.  The new board has rebranded and is now doing business as Aurora Interfaith Community Services (AICS).

What we do:

Aurora Interfaith Community Services (AICS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides substantive emergency assistance to the residents of Aurora. All assistance is provided through telephone interviews to determine need and by appointment only. AICS provides assistance such as groceries, clothing, layettes, utility payment assistance when EOC funding is available, emergency medication funds, bus tickets when available, and school supplies for children.

 AICS does not charge a fee to clients. In accordance with Federal law, this nonprofit emergency relief agency does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, or any other classification. This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and clients.

Our Building before new Paint Job

Case Manager Comments:

Approximately 25% of AICS's program participants are coming for the first time. Our case manager follows up with them to refer them to other human service providers as needed.

In mid-August, our case manager,Darlene, suffered a stroke and is currently recovering well. In the interim Gloria Lee was hired an additional case manager. She has strong qualifications dealing with disadvantaged youth and adults..

This is where you can securely donate to AICS

using your credit card.

How to Volunteer:

In 2014, Aurora Interfaith Community Services helped 5,858 people with food, and 1,421 people were served with clothing. This would have not been possible without the help of our 41 dedicated volunteers who worked a total of 4,900 hours service and one technical volunteer who worked a total of 60 hours on this website and our database. We greatly value our volunteers and the good they do for our community.

If you or a family member wish to volunteer, please contact us at:

Our email: office@aurorainterchurch.org

Our phone: 303-360-0260.

There are opportunities for single-day events and ongoing volunteer activities.  Ongoing time commitments can be tailored to suit our and your needs.

Client Reviews:

Here are several anonymous comments from our Client Satisfaction Survey. We note that there have been no negative comments since the client choice pantry opened on 16 July.

December 2014:

    Everyone in here is an "Angel". They saved us! We will now have a Christmas.

    Thank you a million times.

August 2014:
    I used to be employed with Denver Human Services. I would struggle with
reps [that] would take the last thing a client had - their dignity. I felt
    overwhelmingly amazed at professionalism, courtesy, thorough knowledge,
    efficient manner of assistance, and beautiful ... customer service. They need   to
    teach professional development classes to other agencies.

    Thank you for this help. My husband recently lost his job & things have been ruff,

    with trying to come up with rent. So this food was very helpful to us.

    Everyone at the pantry was extremely nice & caring. They were truly concerned

    about my situation and my family.... a blessing to me and my family.  My

    husband and I are disabled & having a hard time right now. May God bestow

    bountiful blessings upon you!

June 2014, from R. T.: I am very thankful for the help you gave me at Christmas

    time for my family when I had lost my job. ... I want to donate this $600. Please

    use it as you see fit.

May 2014, from H. J.: Some people may take advantage of the support and

    services you offer. But I want to tell you thank you for providing HOPE, hope in

    the middle of an economic crisis. Please always remember that it is in the giving

    of your time, love, and energy, that you receive answers to your own prayers.

    Thank you again for lending hands and open hearts and providing light in times

    that may seem dark.

March 2014, from an anonymous mother from Gateway Battered Women's Shelter:

    Came for clothing and was very surprised and delighted when she received a

    layette for her five-week-old baby. Layettes include baby clothes, hand-made

    blankets, bottles, toys, diapers, wipes, and other necessities; are assembled by

    our volunteers for girls or boys; and are valued at $250.

November 2013, from RC: A letter, with a check for a cosiderable amount, stated

    "In September I came to you with nothing but the clothes on my back, fresh out

    of prison and alone. You gave me food, dishes, clothes and even a can opener

    so I could open the cans of soup. You loved me and cared about me when so

    few others would. You were the manifestation of Christ's love I so dearly needed.

    Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit! I am now in an apartment and

    thanks to your prayer...(and) one of you saints, I am gainfully employed....please

    accept this offering to God as a small token of my gratitude. May God multiply it

    a hundred fold to bless your ministry. May he also return to each of you

    individually the blessing you were to me seven times over."

October 2012, from DA: A note of thanks for this life line you've given me. Please

    know I truly appreciate everything and count you truly as an angel when I truly

    needed one. Your kindness and compassion came at a time when I was loosing

    faith in mankind. [Your volunteer] made me feel so much better with kind words.